Finally, Your Franchisees Can See a Measurable Return on Their Video Marketing

Get a high-quality commercial customized for each location by splitting the costs among your franchisees, filming during your brand conference and marketing it to your individual location’s customers.

Professional Commercials Are a Big Investment, and Shared Costs Make it Affordable

Shared costs provide franchisees the opportunity to invest in their marketing and receive a high-quality commercial at a fraction of the traditional price-point. Franchisees pay an upfront cost upon scheduling and a monthly fee over a three-year period, which covers the payment for the commercial and online video marketing.

The Process

Our process is easy for your franchisees, and gives them the chance to represent their business. Your franchisees show up at your brand conference, film their section, get a high quality commercial and watch their ROI increase.

Align with the home office

We work with the brand on messaging for the campaign and create the storyboard for your franchisees commercial.

Franchisee book appointments

We schedule the franchisees to film their portions during your conference. The more franchisees that sign up, the shared cost are evenly distributed among participants.

Franchise Filming Films the commercials’ shared components

The shared components of the commercials are filmed before the brand conference with one of your franchisees. We identify which sets will be used for the individual components and rebuild those at the conference.

Each franchisee films with us at conference

Each franchisee takes between 15 to 20 minutes to film their portions. There is little work required from your franchisees, who see the most significant return on their investment.

Their video is edited and distributed back to each franchisee in 20 days

We professionally edit and correlate the custom portions and the shared components of the commercial into one cohesive piece.

ONline image® takes the video to market and tracks roi through our stats platform

We track conversions from the video through the Online Image® stats platform. As with all franchisee statitics, these reports will be wrapped up in a group reporting for review.

Video Meets Marketing

A perfect partnership to drive video ROI

Franchise Filming is a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We have producers, directors, videographers, and storytellers among our team who are committed to delivering you the best franchise videos. We are confident that storylines will drive your sales and boost your bottom line.

Online Image® is the digital marketing solution for emerging franchises and established brands. Our extensive SEO and web development strategies have helped thousands of clients improve their search visibility online and increase their ROI.

Finally, See a Return on Your Video Marketing

Increase your brand’s presence, and help your franchisees afford high-quality video to get more leads.

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